BECAUSE Conference 2014 -
Our Commitment to a Safer Conference
The BECAUSE Planning Committee is committed to creating an environment where all participants feel safe and comfortable and are able to participate. In an effort to ensure this to the best of our ability, we ask that you read and respect the statements below.
Inclusion Statement:
The BECAUSE Planning Committee encourages conference participants to refrain from making assumptions about others’ sexual orientation, gender identity, or other cultural or social identities. Out of respect for gender diversity, we ask that conference participants respect the pronoun choices of every individual. If you are unsure of someone’s gender identity and preferred pronoun - for instance he, she, they, ze, or no pronoun - please ask respectfully how you should refer to that individual, or use their name in place of gendered pronouns.

There will be gender neutral restrooms available and labeled as All-Gender Restrooms. Restrooms with gender markers will also be available. The location of these restrooms will be labeled on our maps.

Sex Positive Statement:
The BECAUSE Planning Committee supports sex-positive perspectives and advocates for our event to be a safer space for open dialogue.
Sex positivity refers to the notion that sex can be a positive force both in personal development and society. Consensual sexual expression should be respected regardless of the form that expression takes. It is not appropriate to judge others consensual choices regarding how to have sex, who to have sex with, and how one defines their sexual orientation and identity. It is equally important to focus on the positive aspects of sexuality, like sexual pleasure, and not just on disease prevention, prevention of sexual assault and unwanted pregnancy. Sexuality is largely socially constructed, and there are few, if any, essential truths about sex. (Adapted Cory Silverberg)
Low-Scent Request:
Please refrain from using scented products while at the conference. People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) have severe allergic reactions to many of the chemicals commonly found in scented products. Fortunately, there are numerous scent-free alternatives we can wear. We do not expect attendees to purchase new products, but we ask that you at least use the least scented products that you own and refrain from wearing perfumes and colognes while at the conference.
While we cannot guarantee a totally “scent-free” environment, each of us can contribute to making sure everyone is comfortable by not wearing scented products.

Photography and Flash Request:
Please ask before taking any pictures as not all participants will be comfortable with their picture being taken. In addition, if you do take pictures, please refrain from using flash as this could be problematic for people with light sensitivities.

Questions/Concerns?  Please contact BECAUSE Conference Chair, Lou Hoffman, at

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